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Can We Use High Voltage Appliances On Our Normal Home Sockets?

Most of us commonly make a mistake that is actually pretty dangerous for us and our appliances. But without knowing the consequences we just commit it again and again until something bad happens. It can be as fatal as short circuit fire or monetary loss as the result of the burning of our appliances.

You must be thinking, what I am talking about? What’s so dangerous and yet we are ignoring it? It’s the usage of high voltage appliances on a normal 10/15 amp home socket. You are actually inviting the bad luck home. Do you know, appliances like electric heater, microwave oven, etc consume many times more energy than general appliances i.e. lamp, fans, etc? And in case you want to connect your travel trailer to your home, what kind of load that would be?

Our house wirings are commonly installed keeping in mind the usage of general appliances. Normal sockets in our switchboards can merely resistant against 10 to 15 amp voltage appliance. So if you will put on 30 or 50amp voltage pressure on it, even if it may switch on the appliance, but it will keep on heating the power cable and electric installations during the process.

For example, if you own an RV trailer, it has a differently shaped switch. An RV outlet is required for that. You can temporarily use that through converter switches etc. But for a perfect solution and to avoid any kind of disruption or damage you must use high-quality RV Cable and get an installation of 30 or 40 amp RV outlets.

RV cable

Generally, a 30 amp RV receptacle can prove to be very beneficial for you. When you install some perfectly made electric items, you are not only saving yourself from any short circuits, but you are also paving the way for a perfect output.  So whether you own an RV trailer or you got some heavy appliances you need to improve your sockets accordingly.

You must have noticed there are power plugs separately installed for the air conditioner in your house. Just like that, you need an RV receptacle for your RV trailer and heavy duty sockets for appliances such as a microwave oven etc.

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