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Reasonable Installation Of Cables Is A Prerequisite For Safe Construction

We need to use a variety of cables in our lives. Jianye Cable is a well-known cable manufacturer in China. The products they produce are used in different fields in our country. Their cable performance is good and can meet the requirements of different industries and agriculture. Demand for use. Jianye cables have a wide range of uses, mainly for controlling installation, connecting equipment, and power transmission. It is a common and indispensable thing in daily life. Since the cables are live, special care must be taken during installation. In some engineering and mining industries with relatively large electricity consumption in China, huge electricity consumption is a severe test for the quality of cables. Some cables with poor performance will be damaged because they cannot load such large currents. If the cable fails, it needs to be replaced in time. In addition, the reason why people are so cautious in the purchase of cables is that there are continuous problems of inferior cables that affect people’s normal production. Some industries even cause serious accidents such as fires and explosions due to unqualified cables.

Cable safety issues are worthy of being treated with care. In addition to choosing reliable cables is a prerequisite for ensuring safe construction, standardized installation is also a safety barrier during cable construction. The construction of Jianye Cable needs to meet the following requirements:

(1) The cable specifications should comply with this regulation, the layout should be neat, free from damage, and the signs should be complete, correct and clear;

(2) The fixed bending radius of the cable, the relative distance of the single-core power cable and the connection of the metal sheath shall meet the requirements.

(3) The oil pressure of the oil-filled cable and the set value of the instrument should meet the requirements of the cable terminal, and there should be no oil leakage on the middle head;

(4) Good grounding;

(5) The color of the cable terminal is correct, and the metal parts such as the bracket are fully painted;

(6) There should be no debris in the cable trench and tunnel, and there should be a complete cover on the bridge.

The above six points are the cable line acceptance method.

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