JianYe Cable stocks a range of N2XRY cables and N2XRH cables. These cables are the copper conductor equivalent of the NA2XRH and NA2XRY cables, delivering a voltage rating of 0.6/1kV (600V/1000V) and a maximum temperature rating of 90 degrees C. Because these cables have steel wire armouring (SWA) these cables can be directly buried in the ground without additional protection, protecting them from mechanical stresses and the risk of damage from external forces. The black outer sheath offers UV protection in keeping with their use outdoors.

N2XRY is a PVC insulated and sheathed cable, comparable to the British standard cable BS5467. The N2XRH cable uses Low Smoke Zero Halogen compounds and is comparable to the BS6724 cable. The LSZH cable provides additional protection in the event of a fire, emitting none of the harmful halogen gases such as chlorine gas and emits reduced levels of the dense black smoke compare to PVC sheathed cables. N2XRH cable is widely used in public buildings, tall constructions, as well as in refineries, automation plants and data centres or application where smoke emissions and toxic fumes could pose a risk to human health and sensitive equipment in the event of a fire.

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