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Guangdong Jianye Cable Co., Ltd was founded in 1987, is a
professional cable manufacture integrating scientific research and
production which has a registered capital of 5 million RMB. The
company is located in Shunde District Foshan City, which has
convenient transportation. After 30 years of developing the
company has over 100 advanced cable production equipments, the
company has advanced and first-class process equipments and
technology and perfect testing ways. The yearly output of wires and
cables can reach 10 million KM.

The company is specialized in producing 10KV and XLPE insulated
power cable (including flame retardant and fire-proof power
cables), 0.6/1kV polyvinyl chloride(XLPE) insulated power cable
(including flame retardant and fire-proof power cables), aerial
insulated cable of rated voltages 1kV~ 10kV, steel tape and wire
armoured cables, halogen free and low smoke calbe, low halogen
and low smoke cable, polyvinyl choride insulated copper wires, all
aluminum conductor, aluminum conductor steel reinforced, all
aluminum alloy conductor cable, colliery insulated cable, heat and
cold resistant cables, photovoltaic cable as well as various types
and specifications. The products of our company have served
widely in projects of airport construction, real state development,
power transmission and transformation, city net and agricultural
network transformation electric powerplant and enterprises
reconstruction and extension as well as every sector of the national
economy such as petroleum, chemiscal engineering, municipal
administration, civil building, etc.

jianye cable


We have over 33 years of knowledge in the industry and we have grown to be the foremost supplier of cables and cable accessories in the China. We have 10 branch locations which ensures we can reach customers around the world.

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Pre-sale Services

Provide national production licenses and various qualification certificates, provide product quality inspection reports and related technical information, provide wire and cable inventory, ensure timely supply according to customer needs, and design and develop special wire and cable suitable for customer needs according to customer requirements.

In-sale Service

According to customer orders, the quality of online production and finished products is tracked by customer service specialists. Strictly control the delivery time required by customers to ensure on-time delivery. Provide professional installation, construction, maintenance and other consulting services.

After-sales Service

Establish user files to keep track of the usage of the products sold. Communicate the effect regularly with customers on the door or on the phone, collect feedback and answer customers’ inquiries and opinions Deal with the problematic products in time to make customers satisfied and rest assured.

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