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The Increasing fire incidents in industries

Every now and then we listen or read about the accidental fires in factories, workshops, and other industries. And the rate of such incidents is increasing day by day. Apart from fiscal loss sometimes there is a loss of precious lives.

How can we avoid such incidents to happen and what are the main causes behind such accidents?

First of all, let’s talk about the causes, only then we can discuss how to eradicate them. There can be so many causes but we are taking into consideration some of the major causes

  • Workers smoking in sensitive areas.
  • Leakage of gas or oil that can catch fire.
  • Some machine i.e. boiler blasts due to overheating or overloading
  • Short circuit due to low-quality power cable usage

There can be many more reasons, in some cases, the whole fire incident is deliberately set up for insurance claim purposes. But here we are talking about accidental fire incidents and how to avoid them.

Here are some solutions if the cause is one of those we have mentioned above.

  • There shouldn’t be any leniency about smoking particularly if the factory or workshop is fire-sensitive. There should be smoke sensors installed along with surveillance cameras. There should be strict rules and fines regarding smoking within the premises.
  • There should be regular inspections of all kinds of leakage. All kinds of gas or oil pipes and containers should also be checked for quality. If the oil or gas is used in abundance then special staff should be recruited to keep a check on that.
  • There should be some overtime policies. Even machines need some rest. Over usage of machines will not only affect its efficiency but also increases the chances of damage. Boilers blast is one of the main causes of fire in the last 10 years. So if you need to go for extra shifts, get extra machines for the second shift, or take some time out in between the shifts.
  • A short circuit is pretty common. The quality of power cable plays a vital role in it. You shouldn’t compromise on the quality. Always use PVC insulated power cable so it can show some resistance against fire. A good quality copper cable is durable, consumes lesser electricity, and got the least chances of getting fire.

So following these instructions we can surely avoid such fire incidents in industries and save precious lives and avoid any financial loss.4 core pvc pro electric power cable suppliers


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