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The shielding layer of the power cable has a very powerful effect!

Communication AC cable

The cable shielding layer is the prefabricated component that protects the magnetic field in the cable product from the external magnetic field. The essence is this countermeasure to improve the spread of electrostatic fields.


The electrical conductor of the cable is formed by untwisting and twisting of a multi-core transmission line through advanced equipment. It is easy to produce magnetic density between it and the cable sheath, and the surface of the electrical conductor is uneven, which will cause the concentration of the electrostatic field.


Add a layer of semi-conductive material to the surface of the electrical conductor. It is equipotential with the shielded electrical conductor and makes good contact with the cable sheath to prevent partial discharge between the electrical conductor and the cable sheath. . This layer of shielding, also called inner layer shielding.

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  • Since the electric current of the power cable is relatively large, electromagnetic fields will be generated around the current so as not to harm other components, so adding a shielding layer can shield this kind of magnetic field from the cable.


  • It can have the necessary protective grounding function. If damage occurs in the copper core of the cable, the leakage current can be smoothly shielded and layered. It flows like a grounding device net, which has the effect of safety maintenance.

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