The importance of quality of an industrial cable!

Even if you are not related to any industry, this topic will surely prove to be informative for you. Most of us are only familiar with household electrical wire. And most of you must be familiar with the cable used for the internet and communication. I am sure most of you might be calling it by ‘internet or network cable’ but in actual it’s called ‘Communication cable’ and apart from networking, there are several other usages of this cable.

Just like that, an industrial cable is used in many applications. Some of these are

  • Industrial robotics
  • Seaport cranes
  • power generation
  • petrochemical production
  • Natural gas production

industrial robot cable

So the industrial cable is widely used, you can imagine how much fatal a low quality cable can prove to be. Several major industries are dependant on industrial cable so if the quality of the industrial cable is not up to the mark, the masses will suffer. Let’s take power generation. What if the cable used in some powerhouse heats up and the system goes down? All the houses and the area getting power from that source will suffer until the new installations and repair work is done.

The danger is even bigger in the case of petrochemical and natural gas production units. If the cable overheats and catches fire, you can imagine what kind of damage a fire can cause in petrol or natural gas storage or supply area. Everything can get burnt just because of the quality of a single entity.

The usage of high quality industrial cable is vital. And a good quality industrial cable

  • Has a copper conductor
  • Has flexibility
  • Comes with high quality insulation (Ideally PVC insulation is used)
  • Is heat/fire resistant
  • Resistant to alkali, acid, and all kinds of oil and oily surfaces

These are some of the qualities a high quality industrial cable should have. So if you are related to any industry you should make sure whether the cable installed on your premises has these qualities. So that any mishaps can be avoided due to low quality cable.


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