Household wire

Tips For Buying Wires

Wire is an indispensable basic building material in home improvement. Whether the quality of the wire passes the test is directly related to the circuit safety of home improvement. It is important to know that many fires and electric shock accidents are caused by poor quality wires. Therefore, when decorating, you must not choose wires lightly!

Classification of home improvement wires

Hard wire: professionally known as BV, BY wire, mainly used for power supply, lighting, sockets, air conditioning, suitable for AC voltage 450/750V and below power plants, household appliances, meters and telecommunication equipment.

PVC Insulated Flexible(Screened) Cable deep green-black

Flexible wire: professionally called BVR, BYR wire, suitable for wires used in power plants, household appliances, meters and telecommunication equipment with AC voltage of 450/750V and below, such as distribution boxes. Flexible wire is more complicated to manufacture than hard wire, and high-frequency circuit flexible wire has a larger carrying capacity than hard wire.


Flexible Soft Multi Cores Screen Twisted Pair Signal Cable

Hard and soft wires (weak wires): They are composed of a single and several copper core wires, and generally refer to network wires, wires and cables with relatively low voltage.
The conventional size of household wires, the square of the wire we often hear refers to the size of the wire, the common sizes are 1.5 square, 2.5 square, 4 square, 6 square, 10 square. The square of the wire is square millimeter, which refers to the cross-sectional area of ​​the wire.

Misunderstandings of buying wires

Some users have insufficient understanding of their own circuit usage requirements and environmental conditions, and insufficient understanding of the use range, requirements, and performance of wire and cable models, which often results in the wrong model selection! However, some important departments, high-rise buildings, computing centers, chemicals, public entertainment places and places where people are concentrated all need to use flame-retardant or fire-resistant wires with fire-fighting functions. Choosing the wrong model can easily lead to safety hazards such as short circuit and fire. You should choose the appropriate wire model according to the needs of different venues! The selection of wires needs to be based on the use requirements and environmental conditions of the wires and cables to select the appropriate model according to the scope of use, requirements and performance of the wire and cable models. If there are special requirements for wire flame retardancy, smoke density, and toxicity index, it is recommended to choose halogen-free Low-smoke flame-retardant wire, low density, high light transmittance, can effectively avoid fire and secondary damage caused by fire.

Some users neglect safety in order to save money and choose low-quality wires with low prices and no guarantee of quality, but they do not know that those unlicensed companies cannot meet the requirements of national standards in terms of material selection, production technology, and testing methods. The safety of three products cannot be guaranteed. Therefore, it is recommended to choose a wire brand with quality assurance.

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