CW1308 Telephone Cable – BS4066 PT1, IEC 332 PT1

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CW1308 telephone cable- Primarily designed and used for the installation of internal telecom systems, along with control and low level signalling applications.

  • BPO CW (M) 1308
  • Flame propagation: to BS4066 PT1 and IEC 332 PT1

Conductor: Solid Tinned Annealed Copper Conductors
Insulation: PVC
Sheath: PVC
Sheath Colour: White


Temperature limits: -20°C to +70°C
Minimum Bending Radius: As Per Manufacturers Datasheet

Core Identification: Twisted pair, Colours as per tables in PDF datasheet. E- denotes earth core.

Should not be installed at temperatures below 0°C

For more information please consult a member of the JIANYE CABLE

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