TPWS Cable (Train Protection Warning System) – LSZH, PCP

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TPWS, or train protection warning system, cable is designed TPWS is a safety sytem which applies the brakes automatically in the event the train speed has exceeded set limits over a specified section of track such as through a signal that is on red. These heavy duty cables offer protection from abrasion and mechanical impact whilst maintaining flexibility to aid installation. They are available in either EPR or LSZH insulation.

  • BS6360
  • BS7655-2.3
  • NR/PS/SIG/00005 (formerly RT/E/PS/00005)

Conductor: Flexible Tinned Copper Conductors
Heavy duty PCP RS2 sheath to BS7655 for type C3
Heavy duty LSZH sheath for type E3
Sheath Colour: Black


Temperature Rating: Fixed: -25°C to +85°C
Voltage Rating: 600/1000 Volts

Manufactured to Network Rail specification NR/PS/SIG/OOOO5 (formerly RT/E/PS/00005)

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