Multi Core Shield Electric Vehicle Charging Cable

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Reference standard:

CQC1103-2014, CQC1104-2014, CQC1105-2014, GBT 33594


Product Presentation

The electric vehicle charging cable is used to connect the electric vehicle charging device and the charging infrastructure, so as to transmit power to the electric vehicle, and is equipped with a certain number of signal lines, control lines, power supply auxiliary lines, etc. to ensure accurate control of the entire charging process and safe operation .Charging cables are generally used in charging stations, parking lots, hotels, communities, garages, etc. Portable charging cables can be placed in the car.


Product Feature

The product is soft and has a bending radius of 5D; high and low temperature resistance, oil resistance, acid and alkali resistance, water resistance, abrasion resistance, crack resistance, and UV resistance; good flame retardancy; easy to install, this product is suitable for various electric vehicles, charging piles, and power stations The charging station is used; all materials meet the latest environmental standards of ROHS & REACH.


Material description

Bare copper
Tape optional
Thinflame retardant non-woven fabrics

Product Data

DC specifications2CX25SQ+1CX25SQ+2CX4. OSQ+2P(2XO. 75SQ)+P(7X1.0SQ)TPE Insulation TPE Jacket
2CX35SQ+1CX25SQ+2CX4. OSQ+2P(2XO. 75SQ)+P(7X1.0SQ)
2CX50SQ+1CX25SQ+2CX4. OSQ+2P(2XO. 75SQ)+P(7X1.0SQ)
2CX70SQ+1CX25SQ+2CX4. OSQ+2P(2XO. 75SQ)+P(7X1.0SQ)
AC specifications3X2.5SQ+0.75SQTPE Insulation TPE Jacket

CQC AC EV charging cable
fire resistant power charging cable
Multi core shield electric vehicle charging cable
3X2.5SQ+O. 75SQ EV cable charging pile cable new energy cable

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