Low Voltage Aerial Bundle Cable (ABC cable) 2/3/4/5/6/7 Steel Cores Aluminium Cable

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Steel core aluminum stranded wire has simple structure, convenient installation and maintenance, low line cost, large transmission capacity, and is conducive to laying across special geographical conditions such as rivers and valleys. It has good electrical conductivity and sufficient mechanical strength and large tensile strength. , Tower pole distance can be enlarged and so on. Therefore, it is widely used in overhead transmission and distribution lines of various voltage levels.

Product Features:

Carbon fiber composite core high elongation rigid aluminum stranded wire has the advantages of light weight, high tensile strength, good thermal stability, large current carrying capacity and corrosion resistance. In addition, the carbon fiber composite core high elongation rigid aluminum stranded wire overcomes the defect of difficult construction and laying of the composite core soft aluminum stranded wire. Therefore, the carbon fiber composite core high elongation rigid aluminum stranded wire can be widely used in new construction lines and retrofitted lines, and has high safety and economy

1.Light weight
2.High tensile strength
3.Good heat resistance
4.Low thermal expansion coefficient
5.Small arc sag
6.High conductivity
7.Low line loss and large ampacity
8.Good corrosion resistance
9.The elongation of hard aluminum wire is more than 2.4%, which perfectly matches the composite core.

Product Category:

LJXRare-earth aluminium alloy standed conductors
LJAluminium standed cond conductors (ASC)
LGJXRare-earth aluminium alloy standed conductors steel-reinforced
LGJFCorrosion-proof aluminium standed conductors steel-reinforced
LGJAluminium standed conductors steel-reinforced (ACSR)

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Aluminum Conductor Aerial Bundled Cable

Aluminum Aerial bundle cable

Aerial Bundled Power Cable aluminium cable Power Cable

Aluminium Insulation Aerial Bundled Power Cable Aluminium cable

Aerial bundle cable

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