Flexible Mineral Insulated Fireproof Cable Fiber Optic Cable

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Installation conditions:
During the cable laying, the ambient temperature must be above 0℃. Permissible bending radius should not be less than 15 times of outside diameter of cable. Besides being used for direct buried, it can be used in tunnels, cable trenches, cable bridges, cable trays and cable shafts.


It is suitable for transmission and distribution lines of important places such as high buildings, rail transits, hospitals, shopping malls, exhibition halls, carports, entertainment venues, data centers, etc.

Properties and advantages:
1. Fireproof performance:
—The cable is of excellent fire resistance. It conforms to the highest fire resistance rating 950℃ 3h specified in British Standard BS6387. Besides, it can withstand water spray and mechanical impact. As a result, it is full beyond the fire resistance requirement 750℃ 90min specified in GB/T19216.21 and GB/T19216.11.
2. longer continuous length:
—The length of single core and multi-core cable can meet the demands of power supply. The continuous length of each cable can be more than 1000m.

3. Larger cross-section area:
The maximum cross-section area of single core cable can be 630mm². The maximum cross-section area of multi-core cable can be 300mm².

—The cable can be coiled in cable trays. bending radius≤20D(D means the outside diameter of cable)

5.Smoke-free and nontoxic during combustion:

—The cable will not produce harmful gas or cause secondary pollution. It is an environment-friendly product.

6.Good safety performance:

—Fireproof cable can maintain normal power supply in the flame so that people can use fire fighting apparatuses and escape facilities. In this way, personal security will be reliably guaranteed and economic losses will be reduced.

7.Longer service life:

—Inorganic insulating material is of high temperature resistance and ageing resistance. Its service life is many times longer than that of organic insulated cable. At normal operation, its maximum service life will be more than 100 years.

8.convenient transportation and installation:

—The transportation and installation of fireproof cable including the installation of accessories, similar as those of ordinary cable, is easy.

Picture of  product:

low smoke zero halogen pvc insulated copper sheathed mineral insulated cable


mineral insulated copper sheathed cable

mineral fireproof insulated heating copper cable

Flexible mineral insulated fireproof cable fiber optic cable