Drinking Water Cable – BS6920, EPDM – 1.5mm to 95mm

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This cable is designed for the operation of submersible pumps for drinking water, fishponds, swimming pools and in electrical installations in the food and drink manufacturing industry. They are designed for permanent immersion and are non toxic and water proof. Flatform version available on request.

  • WRAS approved to BS6920
  • HD22.12.S1

Conductor: Plain Annealed flexible Copper Conductors
Insulation: Ethylene Propylene Rubber (EPR) compound
Sheath: Cross Linked EPDM sheath and jacket
Sheath Colour: Light Blue


Voltage Rating: 450/750 Volts
Volts Temperature Rating: Fixed -40°C to +80°C
Flexing Minimum Bending Radius: As Per Manufacturers Datasheet

Should not be installed at temperatures below 0°C or above +40°C

For more information please consult a member of the JIANYE CABLE