China Manufacturer Soft Signal Cable PVC Insulated PVC Sheath Cable

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The twisted-pair shielded I / O signal control line is the link between the host and the controlled object for information input and output exchange; the host exchanges data with external devices through the I / O connection line.

Technical parameters:

Voltage: 300 / 300V
Withstand voltage test: 1.5 KV / Smin (AC);
Minimum bending radius: fixed laying 4XD; mobile laying 6.8XD
Temperature range: -30 ℃ -105 ℃
Oil resistance: ordinary
Weather resistance: UV resistant, suitable for indoor use
Flame retardant properties: in accordance with IEC60332-1.

Product structure:

Conductor: Multi-strand superfine oxygen-free bare copper wire or alloy copper conductor, in line with GB / T3956-2008 standard category 6
Insulation: PE PVC polymer
Core structure: two cores twisted, multiple pairs twisted into a cable
Shield structure (optional): tinned copper wire braided shield, density is 85%
Sheath material: high mechanical properties polyurethane elastomer, PVC elastomer, thermoplastic elastomer
Sheath color: black (RAL9005), gray (RAL 7037) (can be customized according to customer requirements)

Type of Product:

Number of coresSpecificationInsulation diameterShielding rate%Sheath approximate diameter mm
18P28AWG0. 85±0.05≥85%8. 0±0. 3
20P8.4±0. 3
25P9.0±0. 3
40C8.0±0. 3
50C8.8±0. 3
Custom products can be designed according to the number of cable cores, cross-sectional area, and colors required by customers.

Pictures of Product:

Cat 6 23AWG network cables for high signal communication

soft signal cable PVC insulated PVC sheath cable

data cable cord control cablle and signal cable

China manufacturer soft signal cable PVC insulated PVC sheath cable



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