Aluminum Conductor XLPE Insulated Aerial Bundled Cable

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Aluminum Conductor XLPE Insulated Aerial Bundled Cable is suitable for overhead power lines with AC rated voltage U(Um) of 10(12)kV.

Conditions of Use:

1) The maximum long-term allowable working temperature of the cable conductor is 90℃.

2) The laying temperature is not lower than -20℃.

3) The maximum temperature of the conductor during short circuit (the longest duration does not exceed 5 seconds) should not exceed 250°C.

Data & Type:

LJXRare-earth aluminium alloy standed conductors
LJAluminium standed cond conductors (ASC)
LGJXRare-earth aluminium alloy standed conductors steel-reinforced
LGJFCorrosion-proof aluminium standed conductors steel-reinforced
LGJAluminium standed conductors steel-reinforced (ACSR)
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